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From Philadelphia to Bremen: an Energy Engineering Internship with UAS7

Austin Omolo, Chemical Engineering Student at Drexel University (Image: Lindsey Webb, University of Central Florida)

Austin Omolo, a Chemical Engineering student at Drexel University, participated in the UAS7 Internship Program this spring. Austin spent one semester at Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, where he interned at the Energy Engineering lab with Professor Smolen. 

The UAS7 consortium cooperates with several University Partners in the U.S., amongst them Drexel University, in order to facilitate student and faculty exchange, research collaboration and shared thematic projects. Students from UAS7 partner institutions are particulary welcome to participate in the Study and Internship Program (SIP), while it is also open to applicants from other accredited U.S. or Canadian colleges or universities.

Upon his return to Philadelphia, Austin was happy to share his experience with us and prospective exchange students. Here is his personal SIP Story:

Austin, why did you decide to intern in Germany with UAS7?

I already had exposure to the German language before. UAS7 provided me with the opportunity to learn more about German culture, to sharpen my language skills, and to delve into the world of scientific research.

Austin at his research lab in Bremen. (Image: Lindsey Webb, University of Central Florida)

What have you enjoyed most about your stay?

I really liked the culture. Bremen is a small, yet vibrant city that has a lot to offer. I really enjoyed the festivals, the beer, and getting the chance to live like a native.

What did you do after you returned from Germany?

I spent some time with family, and about a month later went back to school to commence my next school year. Currently, I am in Philadelphia, and I am halfway done with the school year. I am already looking forward to my next internship. I just might end up in Germany again!

Are you still in touch with Germany? 

I do keep in touch with some of the friends I made in Germany. Hopefully, I will get to see them soon!

Last question: what are your future plans?

I plan on completing my undergraduate education and joining the workforce in the energy sector. I also intend on traveling as much as possible. Germany really sparked my interest, and I hope I can get to see the rest of the world soon.

The interview was conducted by Nele Kirstein.

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UAS7 global citizens – study and intern with SIP

Feiyu Lu-SIP-Virginia Tech-2015-new

Feiyu Lu, Virginia Tech, UAS7 SIP scholarship student, 2015/16 at HAW Hamburg

From China to the United States to Germany – at 21 Feiyu Lu is already quite the global citizen. Her international life started at sixteen when she moved from China to the United States to complete her high school education. Her motivation was to improve her English and to see if she would like to live in America for a longer period of time. »I put this to the test by choosing two very different locations. I spent one year in New Mexico where it was hot with a desert climate and one in Ohio, where it was cold with a lot of snow«, she says, laughing. In her application for the UAS7 Study and Internship Programme (SIP), she wrote that the experience taught her to respect and embrace different cultures and values and to adapt to new environments.

Choosing Germany

After high school she applied to study at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg because of its strong focus on engineering and also on study abroad programmes; though going abroad wasn’t her intention at the time. She became a Global Ambassador at the Cranwell International Center, helping to organize events for new international students and also initiated a Foreign Language Tandem programme to encourage Virginia Tech students to learn a language. Her own interest in Germany and the German language was developed through a friendship with a German girl in high school. »We started by teaching each other words in Chinese and German. She was very kind and gave me the idea, that Germans are nice people. She lives in Berlin now and we are still in touch.« Feiyu is taking German as a minor at Virginia Tech and it was through her German professor that she heard about UAS7 and SIP. “I also met a HAW Hamburg student who was doing an exchange semester in Blacksburg and he said lots of good things about the city. That was when I started thinking that study abroad would be a great way to improve my German.« Weiterlesen

Mapping the Ecuadorian Rainforest with the UAS7 Study and Internship Program

John Marbut is an Aerspace Engineering student from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott, AZ), who is currently participating in the UAS7 Study and Internship Program. Mr. Marbut applied for the UAS7 program in February 2015 and was selected for a Study Semester at Munich University of Applied Sciences (Wintersemester 2015/2016), as well as for a hands-on lab internship at Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (Sommersemester 2016). We recently learned that John Marbut’s time in Germany had been spectacular and full of adventures so far since he has had the opportunity to join a research team from UAS Munich to Ecuador in November 2015. In the following blogpost John Marbut writes about his experiences in mapping the Ecuadorian rainforest.

Please note that the original blog post first appeared on the Student Blog from Embry Riddle Aeronautical university. We have John Marbut permission to publish his article on our blog:


John Marbut in Ecuador (Image by Hochschule München)

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to join a research team and senior thesis project at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the major focus for the project was mapping the Ecuadorian rainforest. The group was actually invited to do the mapping through their partnership with Amazonica who works with the tribes to help improve their quality of life by improving education and providing medical supplies. The planned project required us to modify the UAV/Drone (it can fly autonomously or via remote control) from the last AUVSI competition. We needed to be able to get high resolution photos of the rainforest in order to be able to generate a 3-D map of the area we flew over, so the team installed a new payload containing more batteries, room for the camera, and an infrared trigger to start the camera. The antenna used to update the information about the drone’s had a range of about 5 miles, however the autopilot could fly without making contact with the homebase and the drone had a maximum flight time of just over an hour. The picture above is from our last flight in Shartamensa, home to some of the Achuar tribe.


UAS7 NY Office attends Study Abroad Fairs at Drexel University and SUNY

The UAS7 NY Office participated in several Study Abroad Fairs held by our partner universities this fall. In early September, Britta Schumacher (Director of UAS7 NY Office), visited several SUNY campuses and promoted the UAS7 Study and Internship Program (SIP). Among the SUNY campuses she visited were Stony Brook University, Farmingdale State College, University at Albany, SUNY Cobleskill and SUNY Oneonta. All campuses are located in the greater New York area and are only a train ride away from New York City. Our NY Office was very satisfied with the outcome of the SUNY Fairs since we were able to represent UAS7 directly on campus and motivate almost 100 students to sign up for more information materials about the Study and Internship Program. Further, Jan-Philipp Boelinger, the current intern at the UAS7 New York Office, attended the “International Opportunities Fair” at Drexel University on October, 23rd, 2014. Almost 500 interested students attended the event and many students signed up for more information regarding the UAS7 Study and Internship Program. Drexel students  were especially interested in the Internship Program (IP), and requested more information about the prospective to be able to work at a UAS7 university lab. Considering the great outcome of both fairs, at SUNY and at Drexel, the UAS7 NY Office is planning to attend similar events at our partner universities in the future.

Zu Gast in München

Jeffrey Jian in Berlin

Student Jeffrey Jian bereiste unter anderem Berlin

Austauschstudierende nehmen am UAS7-geförderten SIP-Projekt an der Hochschule München teil und absolvieren (Labor-) Praktika

Zwei Studenten, viele neue Erfahrungen – durch das SIP-Programm von UAS7 hatten Jeffrey Jian (22) und Everett Hildenbrandt (20) die Möglichkeit, zwei Semester in Deutschland zu verbringen. An der Hochschule München absolvierten sie Kurse in ihren Studienfächern und vertieften ihre Deutschkenntnisse. Anschließend ging es für ein Semester ins Praktikum: Jeffrey Jian arbeitete in der Kinderklinik der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Everett Hildenbrandt schnupperte als einer der ersten Gaststudierenden in ein Labor der Hochschule München hinein.

Im Labor von Prof. Dr. Hauke Clausen-Schaumann, der an der Fakultät für angewandte Naturwissenschaften und Mechatronik lehrt, arbeitete der Student an einer laufenden Simulation auf Basis der Dichtefunktionaltheorie an organischen Zuckermolekülen. Betreut wurde er dabei von Prof. Dr. Alfred Kersch. Solche Laborpraktika werden im Rahmen des SIP-Programms erst seit Kurzem angeboten. „Ich fand es gut, eine andere Kultur zu erleben“, sagte Everett Hildenbrandt, Student an der Colorado School of Mines (USA). Weiterlesen