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Experience Germany this Summer

UPDATE: Due to the COVID19 pandemic, almost all UAS7 summer programs will be cancelled for 2020. We are looking forward to the next round of summer schools in 2021! Stay safe and healthy.

Make Germany your destination for a unique international experience this summer while earning academic credit. UAS7 summer programs are a top destination for students from all over the world seeking to learn in a truly global environment.

5 destinations – 40 opportunities

UAS7 universities offer a wide range of summer programs covering diverse topics in the fields of business, engineering, law, social sciences, politics, languages & culture each summer. A great opportunity for students from across the world to learn German, deepen their knowledge in their area of expertise or try out something new, while working with experienced lecturers and fellow international students.

A full list of all summer programs is available on our website.

Combine learning with traveling

In addition to class work, most summer schools include field trips, company visits or excursions. In your free time, you will be able to explore the region, the country and even the European Union – our universities are located at the heart of Europe with only short distances to major European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen or Prague.

Apply Now!

Applications for most summer schools are now open. Application deadlines vary, depending on the beginning of the summer school. However, most deadlines end between Mid-February & Mid-April! You will find detailed information on the programs’ websites.

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Exploring Bavarian culture and European landscapes

Liz Haeckler

Name: Elizabeth Haeckler
Major: Chemical Engineering
From: Pittsburgh University
Program: Study Program, Spring 2019

Elizabeth Haeckler, a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh, participated in the UAS7 Study Program in spring 2019. For one term, Liz was enrolled in the Engineering and Management program at Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS). In this interview, she talks about her experience.

Liz, why did you decide to apply for the Study Program?

I wanted to study abroad because I learn by doing. What you read in a textbook takes on a new meaning when you are standing by the Berlin Wall or on Hitler’s Rally Grounds. The events become real and you begin to understand the impact they had on the local citizens. Germans specifically embrace their history, teaching future generations, so it is not repeated. 

Being immersed in a new country also allowed me to learn the language more easily and experience the Bavarian culture through locals. 

What did you enjoy most about your stay?

Making friends from around the world and getting to see their perspectives on travel, culture, and engineering!

To whom would you recommend applying to the Study Program? 

Anyone who has a thirst for knowledge about European culture or language, but especially engineering majors. My study abroad gave me a global perspective on human-centered design, allowing me to understand what different nationalities value and apply German solutions to American problems.

Any tips for future SIP students?

Practical tip: Use an online bank! They are backed the same way as normal branches, but are easier accounts to manage.  

Travel tip: Explore the region you are in. While each major European city has its charm, eventually they begin to look the same. Opt to explore the nature and secrets of the area you are in. My favorite travels were where the tourists were not. If you enjoy nature, take a trip to Slovenia. Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge are some of the most beautiful places I visited while abroad.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Liz!

Info UAS7 provides study and internship opportunities for students enrolled at accredited colleges and universities in Canada and the United States as well as students enrolled at one of our partner institutions in Brazil.

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UAS7 Study & Internship Program: Apply now

You’re searching for a study or internship opportunity abroad?
Put Germany on your resume and come study or intern at one of seven top Universities of Applied Sciences throughout Germany.
Applications for the Fall 2020 semester will now be accepted through February 15th!

The UAS7 Study & Internship Program (SIP) allows undergraduate students enrolled at accredited colleges and universities in the United States and Canada to study, intern or do a combination of both in Germany.

Choose the UAS7 Program that fits you best, considering your goals, skills and timeframe and list up to three destinations or research labs on your application, so there is a good chance you will get into your top choices. There are opportunities in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Munster, Osnabruck and Cologne!

Study Program

Take classes at one of our member universities for a full semester together with Germans and international students and gain firsthand experience working in international teams.

Internship Program

Apply your academic and professional skills in a hands-on supervised internship in a UAS7 research laboratory team.
Check out all available internship projects here.

Study and Internship Program

Do a combination of both: Spend the German Wintersemester studying on a UAS7 member campus, and follow up your academic semester successfully with an internship.

Applications are pretty straight forward and most of the documents may be emailed.
A detailed description of the application process as well as a list of all required documents can be found on our website:
Study Program Applications // Internship Program Applications // Study & Internship Program Applications
With the application for one of these programs you are automatically considered for (but not guaranteed) one of the UAS7 travel scholarships worth 1,000 Euros.

Thanks to our UAS’s strong emphasis on practical-oriented teaching and application-oriented research and development you can gain valuable experience and therefore higher chances on the jobmarket. Don’t miss this opportunity and apply now!

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